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Is Online LSAT Prep Right for You?

The truth is, preparing for the LSAT is a very personal process. Although it’s a standardized test, preparing for it is anything but standardized. As humans who have attended sixteen-plus years of schooling, LSAT students have had ample time to figure out their studying style. So choosing the right way to study for the LSAT is a matter of simply finding the method that fits with your studying style, schedule, and location.

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How to Prepare for Law School as Sophomore

Hello, overachieving sophomore! Sophomore year of college is an exciting time, is it not? You’re finally getting to pick your own classes rather than take core requirements, navigated the party scene campus life, and may even be applying to internships.

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Is Private Tutoring Right For You?

Are you studying for the LSAT? Have you already taken a class and want guidance to fine tune your study schedule? Were you just Googling “any tricks to improve on the LSAT overnight?” If you feel exposed, don’t worry — many have been where you are! Much to your dismay, you may have realized there’s no “LSAT Crash Course” or magic tricks.

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How to Prepare for Law School as a Freshman

Hi! I am a college freshman hoping to go to law school! What should I be doing?


My first reaction to questions like the above is a simple, “Wow.” While most college freshman are worrying about who they’ll sit with in the dining hall, some nerds pre-law freshman are worrying about LAW SCHOOL. Ugh.

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Is the LSAT Done Playing (Logic) Games with Us?

Since the 80s, LSAT test writers have forced test takers to battle some difficult Logic Games: circles, dinosaurs, buildings … the test writers have given us plenty to be shocked about. This week, some pretty startling news came out, giving test writers a constraint more difficult than anything seen on a test: within four years, the Logic Games section, as we know it, may be gone.

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Don’t Give Up on Reading Comp!

Let us guess which LSAT concepts have you been tackling lately? Perhaps you dedicated last week to nailing down logical fallacies? Maybe you were suddenly inspired to start doing circul —- uh, challenging, logic games? Let’s just admit it: logic games can be a lot of fun!

Ok, now let us guess what you didn’t study: Reading Comprehension.

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Should You Withdraw from the September LSAT?

It’s three days before the September LSAT. This means that the time has come to check one very important thing off your LSAT study plan: the Should I Withdraw?! MeltdownTM.

Spoiler Alert: Probably not. But, like everything in law, it depends.

We have some questions to help guide your decision!

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Tried and True Tips for Logic Games

Calling all test-takers having Logic Games nightmares! Do you wish the games section would get banished into an “Out” group and disappear from the LSAT? Are you worried about being plagued with a difficult game on test day? Are you drawing pictures of three boats on your scratch paper, rather than creating an organized set-up? Do you want easy-to-follow tips to help with games? This post is for you.

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July LSAT Scores Are Out! … Now What?

JULY SCORES ARE OUT!!!! Yes, that’s right! Per LSAC’s shocking announcement last week, July LSAT scores were released one week early! If you haven’t checked your score yet, head on over to your inbox and/or LSAC account!