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How to Prep for Your June LSAT Prep

Thinking about the June LSAT? Wondering if it’s too early to start studying?

It is.

Classes start in March, and while a month of LSAT study time to get a head start may sound like a good idea, practicing before learning the proper approach can just reinforce bad habits and leave you worse off than not studying at all. Wait ‘till March; you’ll still have 3 months of class to study and prepare, and that’s more than enough time to learn the LSAT, and certainly more time than you should want to spend with the LSAT anyway.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other things that you can do in the meantime (like getting used to one of the LSAT’s secret weapons – the double negative).

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Most Important Part of February LSAT Prep: Take Today Off

Put that LSAT practice test down, close your LSAT books, and wipe the LSAT dust from your eyes. With less than 24 hours to go until the February 2012 LSAT, study time is over. The past two months may have flown by in a dazed whirlwind of LSAT preparation, but game day fast approaches. You’ve prepared as much as possible, and any additional study today will simply be counterproductive, more likely to lead to burnout and LSAT apathy than improvement. At this point in the game, it’s most important that you enter LSAT test day refreshed and recharged – so instead of trying to cram in a few additional hours of study, take the day off.

That’s right. Today may be the first day that you have to actually force yourself not to study.

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February LSAT Prep Comes Down to This Final Week

The February LSAT is almost upon us: one week is all that’s left to study and prepare. Are you ready? Are you nervous? More importantly, are you eager to be done with the LSAT once and for all?

Now don’t get too excited; it’s still eight days and four hours away, and everything hangs on these last eight days. This may be the most important week in your entire LSAT studies; how you spend it will determine if you crush the LSAT or if you get crushed. Here’s your guide for making sure next Saturday culminates in celebration, not catastrophe (either way ending with copious amounts of alcohol).

This weekend needs to include a complete dry run day. That’s right, it’s game time. Take a full practice exam in the morning, and treat it like the real thing. This is your chance to set your game day routine – so no drinking, staying up late watching reruns of Jersey Shore the night before.

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And the Oscar Goes to: LSAT Logic Games!

Oscar nominations were announced yesterday (Gary Oldman for Best Actor, you better believe it) and the following 7 movies were among those nominated: The Artist, The Descendants, Hugo, Moneyball, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Help and War Horse. Although winners will not be announced for another month, the following details have been leaked regarding the winners:

• Only four of these seven movies will receive an Oscar
• If Hugo does not receive an Oscar, then The Descendants will receive one
• If Moneyball receives an Oscar then The Artist will not, unless Tinker Tailor receives one
• If The Artist and Tinker Tailor both receive Oscars, then The Descendants cannot receive an Oscar

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Make Sure You Know All These February LSAT Deadlines

For those of you planning to take the February LSAT next month, listen up because today is an important day. It’s the last chance you have to register if you have not done so already – so if you don’t sign up by 11:59pm tonight, you’ll have to wait until June for your chance to tackle the LSAT.

Today is also the deadline to change your LSAT test center or push back your LSAT test date. Well, kinda. It’s the deadline for mail (snail that is), phone, or fax — so those of you who don’t know what a computer is, need to break out your typewriter and parchment and find some equestrianly inclined fellow to deliver your letter to the LSAC. Just make sure it’s postmarked today. For everyone else, especially those of you reading this blog online, you have until this Sunday, January 22, to change your test center or test date online at

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Happy February LSAT Registration Deadline Day

Today is the last day to register for the February 2012 LSAT, so if you haven’t signed up yet, today’s the day. Okay, well there’s also the late registration option, which will allow you to put off signing up until the 20th, but it’ll cost you an extra $68 – a hefty fine for simple procrastination.

Here’s what you need to do. Go to the LSAC website, and create a LSAC account if you have not done so already. Login to your account and click Register for the LSAT. During the registration, you’ll have to pick a test center. Not all test centers are created equal, so don’t just pick the closest. I would recommend doing a little Google research to find rankings or reviews of the site you’re considering, or ask your instructor for suggestions. The February LSAT has traditionally been the least attended, so you shouldn’t have to worry about wait lists (fingers crossed).

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December LSAT Scores Could Be Out at Any Moment

The wait is over. If you took the December 2011 LSAT, the moment of truth has come. Sometime this week, the LSAC will release LSAT scores. I can’t say for sure, and I won’t be a sensationalist like this jerk, but it’s very likely they could come out today.

It’s been exactly a month since you celebrated completing the December LSAT, a month spent eagerly awaiting this day and an email from the LSAC. And now it’s (maybe) here. No more nail-biting, spending sleepless nights worrying if Raymundo actually had to go third. Now it’s time to camp out in front of your computer, hitting refresh on your inbox, cursing your slow connection – damn you Comcast! And while there’s no certainty when dealing with the LSAC, it seems like a safe bet that you won’t have to wait until Friday to see your LSAT score.

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Ring in the New Year on LSAT Score Release Alert

The December 2011 LSAT scores are out! Okay, maybe not yet, but they certainly could be out very soon, possibly even today. The LSAC hates to be predictable, so rather than release scores on the day they are scheduled, the LSAT always releases them early, in the past, anywhere from 3 to 18 days early. And what better timing than on New Year’s Eve Eve, allowing students to celebrate the New Year with a new score. Of course whether students receive their scores or not, and what those 3 digit numbers turn out to be, will determine how many spend their weekend, albeit a debacherous daze of revelry or a solemn stupor of sobriety.

Here are a few possible scenarios and suggestions for dealing with them:

If LSAT scores are released and you aced it, then it’s time to celebrate!

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Nothing Puts You in the Holiday Spirit Like LSAT Diagramming

Knowing how to identify and diagram conditional relationships is necessary for doing well on the LSAT (That is, If Do Well on LSAT -> Know how to Diagram); they are seen throughout Logical Reasoning and many of the most confusing rules in Logic Games are often conditional. If you misrepresent one of these rules, it is quite literally game over.

Learning to diagram properly may be difficult at first, and rightly so, as you’re essentially learning a new language, that of logic, but if you master this vital skill early in class you’ll have an excellent foundation for understanding future, more difficult concepts. Below are a number of harder conditional diagramming drills to help you learn this vitally important skill. Try and diagram every conditional relationship you encounter and infer any supported conclusions.

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Tis the Season for a Christmas LSAT Logic Game

This Christmas, due to the lingering effects of the recession, along with the rise of easy online shopping options like Amazon and Best Buy, Santa Claus has been forced to cut costs to remain competitive. He has outsourced gift production to India (largely due to the high demands of the Elves Union), and has downsized his reindeer squad to 7: Blitzen, Cupid, Dasher, Komet, Prancer, Vixen, and, of course, Rudolph. With only 7 reindeer pulling his sleigh, however, ensuring the optimal order of the reindeer is essential for flight. Help Santa save Christmas by figuring out the best reindeer order for his sleigh with the following restrictions:

• Each reindeer must be assigned a position pulling the sleigh, and each reindeer can only be assigned one position, 1 through 7