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LSAT Mottos for Test Day

When I was a kid, my dad had the answer to every problem written on a little notecard. It had text on both sides, painstakingly typed, printed, and taped to the center of the card. One side read BREATHE IN, and the other BREATHE OUT.

He thinks he’s funny.

And lucky for all of you, I’ve inherited his sense of humor.

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Five Law School Application Errors

Post-Thanksgiving leftovers sandwiches have been devoured and the smell of roasting chestnuts has invaded Christmas markets the country over. Rather than basking in holiday cheer, let’s Grinch it up in here and talk about law school applications.

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When Should I Take the LSAT?

As a tutor, one of the questions I’m asked at least a few times a month is, “How many times should I take the LSAT?” It’s usually accompanied by pleading eyes or, perhaps, a grounded sort of resignation that says, “I will do this as many times as I have to because I will not be beaten by some standardized test written by a bunch of nerds in suburban Philadelphia.” I applaud the spirit of the latter student, because I, too, spend much of my time doing things to spite nerds. But whether asked in desperation or from between squared shoulders, it’s a fair question. The answer, unfortunately, is “it depends.”

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How to Use Law School Predictors

Finally, finally, there’s a nip in the air. The leaves are changing colors and the semester’s first solo cup pyramids have collapsed under the weight of mid-semester exam prep. You know what that means. It’s pumpkin spice season! Also, time to get working on those law school applications.

“But, but … how do I know where to apply?” you might be saying. You may also be saying, “Actually, I’ve been dreaming of going to Harvard Law since I saw Legally Blonde as an impressionable youth. How hard could it be to get in?”

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Your LSAT Horoscope

I’m so glad you’ve come to seek the advice of the stars today. Some people want the input of the cosmos to help interpret their romantic futures, their tangled pasts, or their upcoming fortunes. But here, we’re looking to interpret a more … intellectual puzzle. What can your astrological sign tell you about your approach to the LSAT? So come in, come in. Let’s see what the celestial bodies have to say about your study habits.

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You Got This: How to Get Prepared for the Big Day Tomorrow

You’ve (almost) made it. Tomorrow’s the big day. The day you’ve been dreading looking forward to since you plodded through your first logic game. But whether you’re an anxious test-taker or an adrenaline junkie who lives for the thrill of the challenge, it’s only one more sleep until the September LSAT. Hey, don’t make that face! C’mon with me, we’re gonna walk through how to make it through today together.

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How to Pay for Law School

Alright, strap in. Today we’re going to talk about how to pay for law school. Waitwait, come back. Get a fortifying beverage, because we need to talk.

Law school isn’t going to pay for itself. So how are we, the prospective law students, supposed to deal with the terrifying dollar signs that float ominously in the corners of rooms, casting cold shadows and humming with portents of financial doom (or is that just me…)? Let’s, uh … let’s look at some options.


What Advantages Does Your Major Give You on the LSAT?

Pre-law, thankfully, isn’t like pre-med. There’s no horrifying gamut of weed-out courses designed to drive out all but the most dedicated devotees of the art. There is no law school equivalent of the soul- and GPA-destroying ordeal of organic chemistry. (Instead, we’re lucky enough to get the LSAT to fill that role 😉). As a consequence, the academic backgrounds of law school hopefuls are somewhat diverse. So what does this mean for you, the prospective LSAT-taker? How can your major make the LSAT a more or less pleasant experience? Let’s talk about it.