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What Advantages Does Your Major Give You on the LSAT?

Pre-law, thankfully, isn’t like pre-med. There’s no horrifying gamut of weed-out courses designed to drive out all but the most dedicated devotees of the art. There is no law school equivalent of the soul- and GPA-destroying ordeal of organic chemistry. (Instead, we’re lucky enough to get the LSAT to fill that role 😉). As a consequence, the academic backgrounds of law school hopefuls are somewhat diverse. So what does this mean for you, the prospective LSAT-taker? How can your major make the LSAT a more or less pleasant experience? Let’s talk about it.

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The 2018-19 Law School Admissions Data Are In

By this time of the year, you may be starting to cast a nervous eye at your fellow law school applicants. How do you match up to them? Have this year’s LSAT averages been tilted in one direction or another? ARE YOU GOING TO GET IN TO YOUR DREAM SCHOOL OR NOT???

Well, I can’t answer that last question. But we can at least chat about the numbers a bit.

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July LSAT Scores Are Over a Month Away: What to Do in the Meantime

You did it! The hard part is over. The studying, the agonizing, the making new-best-friends with a couple of fetchingly designed spiral-bound LSAT guides. All that’s behind you now. Rest in pieces, July LSAT. Can I hear a “wahoo”?

But now what?

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Combating Digital LSAT Anxiety

I can see it now: You’re eyeing the date in the corner of your laptop screen, counting down the days until the July LSAT. You’ve nailed conditional statements. You know your Reading Comp secondary structures like the back of your hand. You’ve done your part to prepare, but there’s still one factor that’s out of your hands: paper or plastic digital.