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A Complete Guide to the Strategies You’ll Need on the Digital LSAT

This September, as you’ve probably heard, the LSAT is going digital. You know that, right? Have we talked about it enough? I think we’ve talked about it enough. But if you’re taking this September LSAT, or any future LSAT (at least until The Singularity, when the test will become just brain imaging scan of your cognitive functions administered by our AI overlords), you have to deal with the fact that the test you’ll be taking is on a tablet using LSAC’s proprietary testing software, and not with the newsprint-bound test booklets your forebearers had to endure.

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A Look at the June 2019 LSAT

Two Fridays ago, LSAC released everyone’s scores for the June 2019 LSAT. Most people — the sane, well-adjusted people who take this test just as a means to go to law school — get the email, see their scores, react accordingly, and discard the other contents of the message. But other people — LSAT instructors, the decidedly less sane and well-adjusted — get really excited about those other contents. Because among those attachments are copies of the new LSAT. And LSAT instructors get really excited about new LSATs being released.

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An Overview of LGBTQ Legal Rights on the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots

Of course, you’re aware that June is Pride Month. But if you’ve wondered why it seems like the symbols of the LBGTQ community have been just a little bit more prevalent this Just (especially amongst entities that maybe don’t have a ton to do with the LGBTQ community), there are a few reasons.

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How to Approach Reading Comp on the Digital LSAT

Earlier this week, we talked about how to take advantage of online resources at your disposal to get prepared to take the digital LSAT. But we didn’t address how you might have to change up your approach to any of the exam’s sections to account for the digital interface. And that’s because — for the most part — you don’t have to. You’re going to get the same types of questions, games, and passages on the digital LSAT that you got on the traditional LSAT. And it is all-but-certain you’ll see more of the test’s favorite concepts, like conditional statements and causation and common logical fallacies.

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Getting Prepared for the Digital LSAT

Let’s say you planned on taking the LSAT this year … or, rather, you had a nebulous and ill-defined notion that you should take the LSAT this year … but you missed out on the January, March, and June exams. Then you’re either looking at the rapidly approaching and July exam, or if you missed that registration deadline, then the September or later. And if that describes you, here’s the reality you’re facing: You’re probably going to have to prepare for the digital LSAT.

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The Deal with Outside Information on the LSAT

One of the cool things we’ve recently done at Blueprint is expand our online resources. Over the last year, we’ve instituted a live online course — a full LSAT course we teach through biweekly webinars — and office hours — free daily hangout sessions where instructors go over LSAT concepts and field questions. So after mostly teaching in dusty old classrooms, our instructors are now online, baby.