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Family, Fun, and Flaw Questions: How to Best Spend your Christmas Vacation

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you’re part of the select collection of humans who survived the apocalypse. You must be the best of the best; simply the most resilient and fittest creatures on the planet. It’s time to start repopulating.

Although the dust is beginning to settle, the chaos and torment isn’t over just yet. Unfortunately, another challenging date lies ahead: February 9th. The February LSAT is just about six weeks away, and, like the mighty cockroach, LSAC survived the end of days.

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Things LSAT Students Should Do Before the World Ends

If you’ve recently submitted your law school applications you’re probably anxiously awaiting to hear back from your various dream schools. Your preoccupation with pending law school decisions can be so extreme that it becomes downright debilitating. The stress of waiting for admittance decisions may be preventing you from being a normal, productive human being. Many pre-law students around the country might even be wondering if they fit the criteria for a prescription to some OCD medication. Before we get too carried away, allow me to put things into perspective:

The world is going to end on December 21, 2012…

…at least according to the Mayan calendar. See, don’t you feel better? Instead of worrying about getting rejected by a law school, all you have to worry about is a violent apocalypse.

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The Dangers of Falling Behind in Your December LSAT Prep

December LSAT test day is just six weeks away and that means you’re (hopefully) well underway with your LSAT prep. Beware, however, as now is the time that many students experience hitting a wall in their LSAT prep…hard. Hitting walls is no fun, especially when you hit them with your head. The Situation knows this all too well. Besides getting into drunken confrontations with Ronnie, many people run into walls during this stage of LSAT prep because the workload from school really starts to pick up around this time of year.

Projects, papers, and midterms are piling up right now for a lot of you, and you probably feel that there simply isn’t enough time to give your LSAT prep the attention it deserves. Remember, though: the LSAT’s hunger for attention can only be matched by that of a Kardashian sister.

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LSAT Score Recap From Last Night’s Big Emmy Winners

Thanks to last night’s Emmy Awards, there’s a lot of happy actresses and actors with some flashy new hardware to show off today. For you LSAT test-takers, however, there’s still a couple weeks before you can flaunt your accomplishments to Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, and E! News…or at least to your parents. Let’s take a second to see if our smug socialite counterparts over in Hollywood would still be so self-assured after a run-in with the LSAT.

Julianne Moore: Won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress on a Miniseries or Movie for HBO’s Game Change. This accomplished actress may actually be able to muster up a respectable LSAT score, but her character, Sarah Palin, wouldn’t be so fortunate. The North Idaho College grad would likely have some trouble with portions of the test relating to logic, bumping her score down to a 148.

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Use the Start of the NFL Season as Inspiration for LSAT Prep

The NFL regular season is finally here and that means it’s time to get out the chips and guacamole. Oh, and it also means that the October LSAT must be close (officially less than a month away).

Although there’s no better excuse to put off studying than to watch the fourth quarter of a Monday Night Football game, the NFL can also provide some good takeaways for LSAT test takers. For instance, there’s the preseason—a long and tedious process in which each game mirrors an LSAT practice test. As the preseason ends for NFL players, it starts for all the October LSAT test takers, and here’s what this means:

Four weeks before the NFL opener marks the end of training camp and the beginning of the preseason.

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What Can LSAT Test-Takers Learn From the Olympics?

With the 2012 Olympic Games winding down, it’s time to look back on a few of the biggest stories from London to see what LSAT test-takers can glean. After all, LSAT test-takers and Olympians are really just two peas in a pod. So once you’re done checking out Ryan Lochte or Lolo Jones, let’s check out the valuable LSAT lessons that can be learned from these summer Olympics.

LSAT Lesson 1 to Take Away From the Olympics: “The most prepared person wins every time”- Michael Phelps.

The gold medal winner is not necessarily the most naturally gifted, but rather the most prepared. Phelps surprisingly said this right after losing his specialty 200m butterfly to underdog Chad LeClos. Although Phelps was undoubtedly the most talented swimmer in the pool, he came up short in a race that he has traditionally dominated, admittedly due to a lack of preparation.

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64 Days Until the LSAT: Which Mario Kart Character are You?

Today is undoubtedly a momentous day in the life of any October LSAT test-taker. There are 64 days until the October LSAT. Wait…you don’t know the significance of the number 64? You poor, simple children. 64 days until the October LSAT is noteworthy because of its relation to the most groundbreaking piece of technology invented in our lifetime: the Nintendo 64.

In honor of this (inevitable) coincidence, we will break down how the LSAT prep is coming along for the characters from Mario Kart, Nintendo 64’s most celebrated game.

Yoshi: The LSAT doesn’t seem too well suited to this happy go lucky dinosaur. His long tongue has impressive grappling capabilities, but this won’t help when it comes to Logical Reasoning.

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New LSAC Tool Streamlines Law School Search

Do you find yourself going to each law school’s website, one at a time, to find out general information or statistics about every law school that you’re interested in? Do you still walk around with your pager clipped to your Capris? C’mon… it’s 2012.

LSAC now has an online, searchable law-school database that you ought to check out. You can now search law schools based on region, state, tuition, bar exam pass rate, percentage of students who receive scholarships, and many other criteria. If you are just interested in California schools, for instance, you can refine your search to include only California law schools. If you want to browse only law schools with annual tuition below $25,000, you can do that too. Heck, you can even browse law schools based on curriculum or student-to-teacher ratio. Going to each particular law school’s website to find out information and statistics is simply archaic.

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4 Ways to Pay for the October LSAT Fee

The October LSAT is still over two months away, but it’s time to register at a testing center near you, if you haven’t already done so. Don’t procrastinate, because all LSAT testing centers are not created equal. Some testing center are known for being spacious and comfortable, while others are infamous for packing two hundred students into a crammed lecture hall, so do some research and find out which is the best LSAT testing center near you.

Also, if you’re taking the LSAT on a university campus, be careful to make sure that there will be no tailgating on your testing campus that day, as the October LSAT falls on college football game day. The sound of keg-stands and collegiate marching bands might be something you want to avoid. Testing centers can fill up fast, so register for the October LSAT now and get your first choice.

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3 Other Games that Can Help You on LSAT Logic Games

The first time you laid your eyes on an LSAT logic game you probably thought that the section looked like a piece of cake. A few simple rules about a motley crew of 7 ethnically diverse characters who are up to some juvenile shenanigans — how hard can these questions be?

Once you started to a read a few of the questions, however, your confidence probably transformed into bewilderment. How could the authors of this game expect the simple directions and minimal rules to adequately equip you to answer the sea of questions? By the end of your first LSAT practice test, you probably declared the entire section to be nothing more than nonsense and tomfoolery.

As you continue prepping, however, the LSAT games section will start to make a lot a more sense, and can even become pretty fun.