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A Dispatch from the February 2017 LSAT Fever Swamp

Editor’s Note: We asked BP marketer extraordinaire Claire McCall to tell us how the February 2017 LSAT went for her. Here’s her experience, edited for content:

Oh God. I have no idea. I always am like, “Well, that was a train wreck,” and sometimes it is (like a 169 train wreck) and other times it is awesome (like a 178 awesome). Soooooo, I can’t really be too sure. Also, who are the crazy weirdos who walk out of the LSAT and are like, “That went so great!!!!”

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The 5 Things Prospective Law Students Don’t Do But Absolutely Should

Law school is not just a big investment of time and money, it’s a life-shaping experience. To ensure that experience is positive and healthy, there are a few things that any prospective law student should do. There is some overlap between each of these, but that’s to be expected.

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My 99th Percentile LSAT Score Story: Mithun Selvaratnam

After graduating from college in 2013, I decided to study for the LSAT the following summer, with plans to take it in October. I saw a 22 point increase after 3 months of self study (153 diagnostic, 175 final score). I studied intensely for 3 months while teaching English classes to elementary and middle school students part­ time. I consistently put in 4 1/2 ­to 5 hours of studying per day with only a few days off here and there when I needed a break.

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5 Ways to Make Law School Adcom Fall in Love with You

What are admissions committees at top law schools looking for when reviewing applications? What sorts of qualities, skills, and experiences do they seek? What types of people do they want in their next law school class? And what can you do to highlight these sought-after characteristics?

How can you present yourself so that the law school adcoms are instantly smitten by your application?

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Logical Reasonings / 11.6.15

A. How has law school changed over the decades? Above the Law

B. The lawsuit that could change Uber forever. The Verge

C. Harvard Law professor officially drops out of the 2016 Presidential race. The Crimson

D. We can’t help but LOL at “Love Your Lawyer Day.” Above the Law

E. This dog’s day is worse than yours. Mashable


Logical Reasonings / 11.4.15

A. You should probably stay away from Chipotle for a while. ABC News

B. Harvard Law students demand for changes to their school seal.
The Wall Street Journal

C. A round of applause for these law-themed Halloween costumes. Above the Law

D. Jerry Heller is not pleased with his portrayal in Straight Outta Compton. Inquisitr

E. Is Drake the most memeable rapper? Buzzfeed

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Logical Reasonings / 11.2.15

A. Notable law school representatives have responded to the New York Times article that harshly criticized graduates’ job prospects. New York Times

B. Deciding if your LSAT score is too low. U.S. News

C. Taylor Swift is hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit. Will she “shake it off?” CNN

D. A recent study shows that nearly half of college students are afraid to speak up when their peers disagree with them. Chicago Tribune

E. The cutest Stromtrooper we have ever seen. Mashable

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Logical Reasonings / 10.29.15

A. Last night’s CNBC GOP Debate in one gif. New York Times

B. Harvard Law School launches a project that makes the entire collection of U.S. case law available online, for free, to anyone with an Internet connection. Harvard Law Today

C. Taylor Swift is involved in a messy lawsuit with a former radio host. USA Today

D. Students working their way through college is becoming the norm. CNBC

E. The GOP versus the media. Blueprint LSAT Prep Youtube


Logical Reasonings / 10.28.15

A. A complete cheat-sheet to everything you need to know about tonight’s GOP debate. Politico

B. “Notorious RBG” book is coming your way! Check out this interview with the authors. Huffington Post

C. Harvard Law School launches a $305-million campaign that aims to improve financial aid and clinical opportunities for students. Harvard Magazine

D. Elle Woods for Supreme Court Justice? Washington Post

E. Test your vocab skills and Pokemon knowledge– all in one handy quiz! Buzzfeed