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Is the LSAT Done Playing (Logic) Games with Us?

Since the 80s, LSAT test writers have forced test takers to battle some difficult Logic Games: circles, dinosaurs, buildings … the test writers have given us plenty to be shocked about. This week, some pretty startling news came out, giving test writers a constraint more difficult than anything seen on a test: within four years, the Logic Games section, as we know it, may be gone.

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How to Use Law School Predictors

Finally, finally, there’s a nip in the air. The leaves are changing colors and the semester’s first solo cup pyramids have collapsed under the weight of mid-semester exam prep. You know what that means. It’s pumpkin spice season! Also, time to get working on those law school applications.

“But, but … how do I know where to apply?” you might be saying. You may also be saying, “Actually, I’ve been dreaming of going to Harvard Law since I saw Legally Blonde as an impressionable youth. How hard could it be to get in?”

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Your Guide to the Updated 2019-2020 LSAT Schedule

There’s a brave new world of LSAT opportunities for those students planning to take the test in 2019. Not only are students choosing among seven test dates, but they also have the option of taking the exam multiple times and (potentially) in different formats.

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Don’t Give Up on Reading Comp!

Let us guess which LSAT concepts have you been tackling lately? Perhaps you dedicated last week to nailing down logical fallacies? Maybe you were suddenly inspired to start doing circul —- uh, challenging, logic games? Let’s just admit it: logic games can be a lot of fun!

Ok, now let us guess what you didn’t study: Reading Comprehension.

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Your LSAT Horoscope

I’m so glad you’ve come to seek the advice of the stars today. Some people want the input of the cosmos to help interpret their romantic futures, their tangled pasts, or their upcoming fortunes. But here, we’re looking to interpret a more … intellectual puzzle. What can your astrological sign tell you about your approach to the LSAT? So come in, come in. Let’s see what the celestial bodies have to say about your study habits.