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Your September 2019 LSAT Instant Reaction

You made it. You just finished the September 2019 LSAT. You completed the LSAT-leg of your journey to law school and the legal profession. And — for reasons known only to you — you have chosen to spend your first post-LSAT moments with us, an LSAT blog. At any rate, we’re definitely happy to have you.

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Should You Withdraw from the September LSAT?

It’s three days before the September LSAT. This means that the time has come to check one very important thing off your LSAT study plan: the Should I Withdraw?! MeltdownTM.

Spoiler Alert: Probably not. But, like everything in law, it depends.

We have some questions to help guide your decision!

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The Last Week Before The LSAT: Make it Count

We’re getting down to the wire on another LSAT, as the September 21st LSAT is now only days away. So rather than panic about how unprepared you think you may be, let’s use those remaining days productively. And maybe bump that score up a few points while you’re at it.

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Predictions for the September 2019 LSAT

The September 2019 LSAT is approaching — perhaps a bit too quickly for comfort, for some. While the upcoming September test promises a lot of last-minute cramming and practice exams and bouts of panic-induced mania for those signed up to take it, it promises a different time-honored tradition for us at Most Strongly Supported: the predictions post.